Our Process

Using the finest quality, sustainably-sourced materials, we hand-craft the finest treehouse structures. Capturing the very essence of traditional British craftsmanship, our experienced joiners will deliver you a stunning garden centerpiece, creating memories in your own home or business that will last a lifetime.

As the leading UK treehouse building company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellent customer care. From the initial stages of your treehouse building project, we’ll guide you through the design and installation – as well as providing a full aftercare package.



Our experience and capabilities + Understanding of requirements and use of space.

Initial Enquiry

Either by email, website or phone. Let us know your interested in a specific product or service and our team will give as much info as possible. Our experience defining and interpreting your requirements and understanding are world class.


Site Visit

Sharing ideas

Review our portfolio

Explore opportunities and constraints

Costing and options


Proposal (Stage 1)

Outline of requirements

Planning design and survey

Estimate costing

Project milestones agreed

Formal sign-off

Build Prep (Stage 2)

Detailed construction drawings

Building Regulations

Detailed Specifications

Finalised costing of build

Final sign-off


Let's build together!

Build your dream treehouse with quality craftsmen